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Simple Doc Manager
the software for quick and easy document management!

Simple Doc Manager is the ideal software for management of documents, e-mails, correspondence, dossiers, deadlines and all the main activities of your company.

Simple Doc Manager does this by allowing you to access all your digital documents in one area, easily scan in your paper-based documents to join the digital files and create a personal network within the software, allowing users to edit various files and tracking each users through a log of operation. Here are a few images that display how you could use Simple Doc Manager for the benefit of your company:

Three Different Versions for Companies of Any Size
The ability to customize is what makes Simple Doc Manager suitable for different companies, no matter the size. From a small individual company to a big enterprise, but it's also be useful for professionals, associations, banks, non-profit firms, hospitals, foundations, public offices,
Light Version
Who is it for: household management, private use, small companies and associations

Functions: Quick and easy management of mail and documents.

For each document, the program automatically assigns a progressive record number. Which can be used to store:

  • Record Date
  • Correspondance Type
  • Document Type
  • Incoming/Outgoing
  • Subject
  • Document Date
  • Sender/Receiver
  • Notes

It is also possible to associate an unlimited number of files to a recorded document, for documents in digital version (emails, pdf, doc, etc.), or scan any paper document.

The Powerful Search Engine will find any recorded document in just a few clicks.

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Full Version
Who is it for: medium to big companies, professional studies

Functions: The Full Version contains all features of the Light Version, plus:

  • Multi-company and multi-department management.
  • Dossiers Management.
  • Support for all major mail management software, making it easy to send emails and attachments from within the software and record incoming emails by a simple drag & drop process
  • Bar Code labels printing.
  • Creation of dynamic document models, automatically prefilled by the software.
  • Management of Notifications of Records and Dossiers to other users, sorting documents within the company to person concerned, creation of deadline lists for dossiers (with autonotification) to easily sort work between various users.
  • Multiple Scanning: two or more pages may be scanned in one operation, using ADF scanning machines.
  • Many other functions...

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Plus Version
Who is it for: public offices and large companies

Functions: The Plus Version contains all features of the Full and Light Versions, plus:

  • Header Classification. To classify your records, a tree chart header of classifications can be created with up to 3 levels divided into headings, classes and subclasses.
  • The software may be set to generate alphanumeric record numbering, fully customizable for fields and related separators.
  • Able to Log all operations done by various users on records.
  • Record Cancellation: a record may be cancelled, with a reason given.

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See our COMPARATIVE CHART of the three different versions!

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